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What is KYSS?

The Kinky Smart Society (KYSS) is a membership site like no other! 

AT LAST... Get real answers to ALL of your taboo questions!

Questions like: What is BDSM really?

How do I tell my partner I want to try some kinky stuff?

What is shibari anyway?

How can I get my partner to be more sensual with me?

Our sex life has become boring, how can I make it fun and exciting again?


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Is this what you think kink looks like?

It most likely looks more like this!

MYTH: Kink is extreme, and looks abusive and even a bit scary!

TRUTH: Doing fun kinky stuff with your partner can be soft, sensual, and even romantic!


MYTH: Adding kink to my relationship means changing my lifestyle and always being sexual and kinky with my partner.

TRUTH: Some couples do choose to live a 24/7 lifestyle of kink. But the truth is most couples use kink SOMETIMES as a fun way to spice things up! 

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Learn what BDSM really is, how to bring up the kinky conversation, Find out if you are a Dom, sub or switch, how to get your partner to put down their phone, how to feel more appreciated,  how to get your needs and desires met, and so much more!

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MYTH: My partner will think I am weird or some kind of pervert if I want to be kinky.

TRUTH: Most people who are in a loving relationship will be more than willing to try something new! And chances are they have thought about some dirty, kinky stuff too!



This KYSS is for you!

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All The Tools You Need To Transform Your Relationship to The Next Level

Feeling frustrated and confused  trying to figure out all of this kink stuff? Worried if you do, you won't still have the romance? Feeling BORED with your sex life lately? Want a deeper connection with your partner? Become a member of KYSS and you won't be disappointed while creating the Happy, Healthy, and FUN Relationship you desire!

MYTH: I will need fancy, expensive equipment.

TRUTH: You don't need to build a dungeon to be kinky! In fact, you don't need to buy anything if you don't want to!

Have some questions? Read some FAQs Below

MYTH: Being kinky and BDSM are abusive.

TRUTH: Everything about kink and BDSM must be safe, sane and consensual! If you have found yourself with someone abusive hiding behind,"this is what kink and BDSM are." Then they are just an abusive person and you should leave.

Who KYSS is For:

Anyone who wants to do the RIGHT KIND of work to have more open communication, a stronger, more emotionally connected bond, a better understanding of their partner AND a more exciting, FUN and healthy sex life!

Who KYSS is NOT For:

KYSS is NOT for you if you aren't ready to improve on yourself and your relationship. If you think it is just about sex, If you aren't ready to put in the time and do the work to heal yourself and your relationships.

MYTH: Kink is like the movies or what I have seen on the internet.

TRUTH: Most of what you see in the movies or on the internet is completely false, misleading or a very extreme version. Being kinky with your partner in a healthy way can be fun and even create more trust.

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