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Who am I?

Glad you asked! I'm Tara Schafer

I'm a "not-so-typical" relationship and intimacy coach, that also happens to be a BDSM and kink specialist.

Lucky you! I can help you to create more intimacy, understanding and better communication in your love life! 

Whether you have no idea what kink is or live the lifestyle 24/7, I understand all of the tricky nuances of having a happy, healthy AND kinky relationship. 

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Kinky Smart System

The only digital program to teach you step-by-step how to create a more soulful, healthy and YES KINKY relationship!

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A community for you to explore the simple things in your love life and the taboo things in your sex life!


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Download my book for FREE. This is a handy little guide introducing you to the world of kink. It's available on Amazon for a small price, but you can get it free, just for being here!

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