Get KYSSed

It's the sex education you wish you had!

Kinky Smart or KYSS is for

everyday, normal couples who adore each other, but are tired of "groundhog day" for a love life and sex life!

A step-by-step system to easily add some kink into your bedroom!

You deserve it!

You may be asking,

"What is Kinky Smart and why do I need it?"

Great questions!

Allow me to introduce myself:

Hello, I'm Tara Schafer A.K.A The ODD Witch. That's me in the pic below.

I get it. You are freaking busy! You have things that need to get done in your day.

But... you are also a sensual and sexual being that craves something more.

You love your partner, and are even very attracted to them. But...

your love life has turned into a sequel of Groundhog's Day. (The one with Bill Murray!)

You probably have tried some things on your own. Or maybe you read something kinky in a book or saw a sexy scene in a movie and thought,

"that looks like fun! But how can I tell my partner I want to try THAT?"

Or maybe you thought,

"that looks interesting. But... how do I even start a kinky scene like THAT?"

Or.. you may have wondered,

"Where would I ever find the time or energy to have a great sex life like THAT?"


maybe you even got brave one night and googled "kink" or "BDSM" (I don't suggest that!)

ARRRRGH! Frustration!

Believe me,

I know there is a TON of MISINFORMATION out there about kink and BDSM!

(One of my motivations for creating this online course for you)

TADA! Enter The Kinky Smart System! (or KYSS as I like to call it!)


Get some REAL ANSWERS to your taboo questions!

I lay it all out for you in a simple, easy, step-by-step method to introduce kink and BDSM into your love life and sex life.

So... Now you may be asking,

"Who the heck is this lady and how is she qualified to instruct me and my partner on adding kink and BDSM into our sex lives?"

Again, another great question!

As stated, I'm Tara Schafer (a.k.a. The ODD Witch)

I have been a part of the "kink community" for over 20 years. Eventually helping to coordinate and moderate Fetish Balls and Parties.

I even worked as a professional Dominatrix for a spell!

I am an author, speaker of truth, and not to mention a budding shibari expert.

I have also been exactly where you are now,

a busy adult wanting something more, craving something more.

I learned through my own personal experiences that it's not just about sex or some extreme version of. Kinky Smart IS that SOMETHING MORE.

I have made it my mission to help people like you have an amazing love life and sex life.

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